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Discover Your Potential with
Online Training That Works!

At Training Works, Inc., our on-demand eLearning solutions provide a comprehensive and interactive training experience that is auditory and engaging. Our solutions are designed to meet the individual needs of each learner, ensuring that they receive the most effective and efficient training possible. Our eLearning solutions are user-friendly and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, so learners can learn at their own pace and convenience. Additionally, our online training solutions provide detailed progress tracking, so that the learner and the instructor can monitor the learner's progress and success. With our eLearning solutions, learners will receive a comprehensive, interactive and auditory training experience.

Working from Home

Training Works, Inc. offers a comprehensive online training program that is user-friendly and engaging. Our online training program provides students with an easy-to-follow student guide that is created by experienced instructors and subject matter experts. The program is designed to help users learn quickly and effectively. The guide also comes with interactive activities and quizzes to help reinforce learning. With our online training program, students can access their training materials anytime and anywhere, giving them the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

Training on anti-discrimination laws to ensure that all employees and managers understand their legal responsibilities 

Skills for cultivating strategic partnerships, driving organizational change, and empowering the workforce.

Courses to help new leaders to develop the skills and confidence needed to take on their roles and ensure the success of their teams.

Training  topics that have direct impact on the workplace environment and employee safety.   

 Why Choose
Training Works, Inc.?

Founded in 2007, we have been a leading provider of on-demand and self-paced training services. Our training is developed and written by subject matter experts, ensuring that our customers receive high quality, up-to-date training that is relevant to their industry. We offer a wide-range of training topics, from basic business skills to advanced management skills. With our training services, you can quickly acquire the knowledge and skills you need to stay ahead of the competition. Our training is designed to be flexible and tailored to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. We are committed to providing our customers with the best training experience possible.


Individual Online Training Solutions

For 12 months, a single attendee will receive unlimited access to all online courses for just $599 

Training Solutions

For 12 months, up to five  employees will receive unlimited access to all on-demand courses for only $1995.

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