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Between 2010 and 2015, employers paid out $698.7 million to employees alleging harassment (through the U.S. Employment Equity Opportunity Commission’s administrative enforcement prelitigation process.) The largest sexual harassment jury award totaled $168 million in 2012. But financial repercussions are not the only reason why workplaces need to be proactive when it comes to preventing harassment. This type of behavior has harmful effects on the victims such as health and self-esteem problems, as well as negative impacts on the workplaces where it occurs, including decreased productivity and increased absenteeism.


But how do you prevent harassment from occurring? What sorts of policies should be in place? What should managers do to protect their employees? And if a complaint is filed, what will we do? All of these questions (and more!) will be answered in this two-day workshop.

Workplace Harassment

    • Explain what is acceptable behavior in the workplace and what is not, and why
    • Apply the benefits of harassment training
    • Define the various types of harassment, including sexual harassment
    • Assist in creating a harassment policy
    • State some ways to prevent harassment
    • Demonstrate some ways to protect yourself from harassment
    • Know what to do if you are harassed or accused of harassment
    • Understand the complaint process, from the complaint to the reply, to mediation or investigation, to a solution
    • Identify situations where mediation is appropriate, and understand how mediation works in those situations
    • Describe appropriate solutions for a harassment incident
    • Know what to do if a complaint is false
    • Help your workplace return to normal after a harassment incident
    • Defining harassment
    • Defining sexual harassment
    • The purpose of training
    • Creating a harassment policy
    • Other prevention strategies
    • Nipping it in the bud
    • What if it happens to me?
    • What if it’s happening to someone else?
    • Someone has filed a complaint against me!
    • Addressing a complaint
    • Handling false complaints
    • Mediation
    • Investigating a complaint
    • Making the decision
    • Creating solutions
    • After it is over
    • Skill application
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