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Safety procedures are the backbone of an organization’s safety management system. They provide consistency and when followed, create a safe working environment and greater productivity due to less injury down time. However, safety procedure writing can be more difficult and time consuming than it appears. This one-day course will give you the foundation to start writing effective safety procedures.

Developing A Safety Procedures Manual

  • What Will Students Learn?

    • Develop a safety procedure template
    • Develop a flowchart to accurately depict process activities
    • Use brainstorming to gather necessary information for safety procedure creation
    • Understand a variety of procedure types (Step-by-Step, Playscript, Decision Tree, Decision Tables)
    • Write and revise Step-by-Step safety procedures
    • Add communication elements to safety procedures
    • Setting the stage
    • Safety procedures basics
    • Flowcharting
    • Gathering information
    • Procedure writing
    • Honing the draft procedure
    • Some other methodsProcedures building
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