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The Data Privacy Plan is the best way an organization can document and enforce the privacy of personal information they hold. It puts in place procedures and guidance for how to properly handle data, respond to information requests, and deal with unexpected incidents or breaches. It contains information that applies to the day-to-day work of employees, as well as higher-level policies and guiding principles that apply to the company as a whole. The Data Privacy Plan is one of the best ways for an organization to become privacy compliant.

Data Privacy: Creating a Plan

  • What Will Students Learn?

    • Explain what a data privacy plan will include
    • Know the important terminology and legislation regarding data privacy
    • Map the flow of data in an organization visually
    • Understand and write an information request procedure
    • Develop an internal data handling procedure
    • Understand and write a data security policy
    • Understand and write a personal data protection policy
    • Adapt your current client privacy policy
    • Develop a data breach procedure
    • Decide on training solutions for data privacy
    • Know the other necessary pieces of the data privacy plan
    • Help your organization write, implement, and review a data privacy plan
    • Writing a Data Privacy Plan
    • Privacy Awareness
    • Data Mapping
    • Information Request Procedure
    • Internal Data Procedures
    • Data Security Policy
    • Personal Data Protection Policy
    • Privacy Policy
    • Data Breach Procedure
    • Training
    • Other Necessary Pieces
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