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Project management isn’t just for construction engineers and military logistics experts anymore. Today, in addition to the regular duties of your job, you are often expected to take on extra assignments, and to get that additional job done well, done under budget, and done on time.


This course is not intended to take participants from a supervisory or administrative position to that of a project manager. However, these topics will familiarize them with the most common terms and practices in terms of working on projects.

Project Management Fundalmentals

  • What Will Students Learn?

    • Describe what is meant by a project
    • Explain what project management means
    • Identify benefits of projects
    • Identify the phases of a project’s life cycle
    • Sell ideas and make presentations related to pitching a project
    • Prioritize projects
    • Begin conceptualizing your project, including goals and vision statements
    • Use project planning tools
    • Contribute to creating a Statement of Work
  • What Topics are Covered?

    • Defining projects and project management
    • The role of a project manager
    • How can projects help me?
    • A project’s life cycle
    • Selling a project
    • Creating a vision
    • Project goals
    • Using a target chart
    • Preparing your project
    • Laying out the project
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